Padlet has become very popular among teachers as it allows for a variety of creative uses in the classroom. Padlet is an online bulletin board where learners can share notes with others in the form of text, images, videos or links. Julyet Koronel, owner of this EdTech recipe, tells us about how she used it in a Math project lesson where her students tried to find Pi as a group. You can follow Julyet on her Instagram account @matematikatolyem for more inspiration.

Grade level: K-8

Subject & target objective: Math & Project Work

EdTech tool: Padlet. It can be used in multiple formats such as a simple wall, canvas or a shelf.

Lesson description: My students formed project groups to find Pi by measuring across some objects and their diameters. The project had some predetermined steps and it was important for them to follow these steps to be able to successfully complete the task. To make sure they were on the right track, we created a class board on Padlet and each group took pictures of what they were doing in every step and put them on the class board on Padlet. They were not allowed to move on to the next step before completing each step. As a teacher I was able to keep track of what the groups were doing. Also, the groups were able to watch what others were up to during the task. It was super practical for me to give them feedback when they made a mistake as I was following the whole process in real-time.

Advantages over paper & pen: Without the use of Padlet it would have been much more time-consuming to check their progress and to give feedback at the same time. Also, one student in each group was held responsible for the group report on Padlet so the group leader had to fully understand how each step worked and how everything should be reported on the board.

How to use the tool: It is a free tool which you can set up very easily for students. It is quite convenient for group work especially when you have more than four groups to manage. You just share the board link with students and they start using it. My students chose a name for their groups and posted their group photo to show who is doing what on the board.

SAMR Level: Augmentation

This is a class board on Padlet where the groups shared their progress through the task steps.

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