Checking students’ understanding and helping them see the areas of development enhances learning in the classroom. In this Edtech recipe, I will share how I used Socrative as a formative assessment tool. Socrative allows for teachers to create quizzes, polls and exit tickets, and get immediate results on the go. Here is how I used it.

Grade level: K-8

Subject & target objective: English & Review past tenses

Lesson description: I used the Socrative app for a grammar revision lesson. They had learned the Past Simple and the Past Continuous and practiced in class. However, some shy students don’t share their answers much. Thus, I prepared multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions on Socrative to test their learning. The best thing I like about Socrative is the “explanation” option. After creating a question,  I write an explanation for the correct answer as I can guess why some students might answer it wrongly. When a student makes a mistake, the explanation pops up and hopefully they understand better. After completing the Socrative activity, I checked the reports and planned a differentiated lesson for each student’s weak areas.

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What makes it great:

  • All students have to answer all the questions.
  • You get immediate results and statistics about the class in general, individual students and the questions.
  • Each student has their own pace.
  • You can choose the space race option to make it competitive.

How to use the tool: There are two versions of the app. You create your account and prepare your questions on Socrative Teacher, and the students log in to the room number you give them and complete the activity on Socrative Student. It is very easy and user-friendly.


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