The value of collecting feedback from students is two-folded. It both helps you as a teacher refine and improve your teaching and helps learners develop critical thinking skills, evaluate their own learning and act upon their reflections. We as teachers observe students and collect instant feedback in the classroom all the time, however this live interactive polling tool takes it to the next level. Let me tell you how I used it:

Grade level: K-5

Learning outcome: Evaluate the term and your own learning

EdTech tool: Poll Everywhere – live interactive polling tool

Activity description: I wanted my students to evaluate our English lessons and themselves at the end of the term. I used Poll Everywhere because it has so many options and saves a lot of time for data collection. I prepared open-ended questions like “What would you like to see more in our lessons? What was the most difficult subject for you this term? Which activity did you have the most fun doing?” etc. I prepared a word cloud with some difficult vocabulary words from our class reader and told them summarise the book using 5 words from the word cloud. I put a clickable image showing the setting of the book and asked them to click on the place where they thought the most exciting events had happened. I asked them to evaluate their effort in the writing lessons using the emotion scale. My students loved the app. The variety of the questions helped maintain their attention. They were quite excited to see what question would come next.

Image result for poll everywhere clickable image

Advantages over paper & pen: 

  • Gives immediate results and statistics
  • So many options, various question types
  • Considerable increase in student motivation

How to use the tool: You prepare the survey on the website and students use the app on their tablets. You have countless options like multiple choice, word cloud, Q&A, clickable image, survey, open-ended question, emotion scale, donut chart and so on. You give them the code for your survey, they answer the questions on their mobile device and you get immediate results.

SAMR Level: Augmentation

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