Flipgrid is a platform where you can post some questions or topics and the students send video responses to your question or the topic. It is as simple as this. But the impact you can create in your classrooms is huge.

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Why I Love Flipgrid

The reasons why Flipgrid is such a powerful platform for learning and teaching are limitless. To name a few:

1- As it is in video format, learners develop their verbal communication skills to express their ideas effectively and in an appropriate manner.

2- It creates a social learning environment where the students can connect and interact with each other, and even with other students around the world. Your classroom becomes a global and connected space for learning.

3- It saves valuable classroom time for teachers and students. E.g students record their videos for an assessment activity and teacher can watch and evaluate the student learning anytime. Learning and teaching becomes more flexible and less time-bound.

4- It is completely aligned with the new generation’s daily digital behaviors. Plus, Flipgrid is a controlled and a safe environment for learning.

How to Use Flipgrid

You can download the Flipgrid app on your mobile phone or use it on your PC. Then you create your grids (or spaces) for your class, and type some questions or topics. You share your grid with your students and they send their videos. Voila!

There are several convenient ways to invite your students to the platform. You can either share the URL with your students or give them the QR code to access the gird.

Here is How I Used it in my Class

I used it in my poetry lesson and it worked wonders. I told my students to write a poem about something that inspires them in the school garden and record a video of it while reading their poems in the background. Some wrote poems about trees, some flowers and some about the basketball court. When we came back to class, all the videos popped up on the Flipgrid wall. We watched each other’s videos and found out which poetic devices were used. This way, they practiced writing, reading, speaking and listening all in one lesson. I couldn’t believe how even the shyest students participated with excitement and we heard their voice. Today’s kids are so used to sharing videos on platforms like Snapchat, Musically, YouTube and so on. Overall, making videos for our lesson, watching each other’s videos and commenting on them was a wonderful experience. Besides, there is no way you could do this with paper and pen or even with another app. Flipgrid saves you all the drama of sharing videos via e-mail or external drives.









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