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EdTech Recipes

What are EdTech Recipes?

EdTech Recipes are practical teaching and learning activities that have been tested and tried by teachers for teachers. You can start browsing the EdTech Recipes here.

Why we need EdTech Recipes?

The educational technology market is literally bombarding teachers with apps and tools. In the immense ocean of EdTech, we need to ensure that the technologies we use in and out of the classroom create a net positive effect on learning – no matter how fancy those apps are! We need to keep reminding ourselves that our focus is always achieving the learning outcomes and creating deeper learning.

Through EdTech Recipes, Grow with Tech aims to create an ecosystem of teachers and education professionals whose biggest concern is to enhance learning through technology – not to use technology just because it is popular and cool. We believe that the thoughtful and informed use of technology will eventually help us create a culture of EdTech with proof of impact.

How do EdTech Recipes Work?

Teachers who create impact on learning through technology share their outcome-based EdTech Recipes on the Grow with Tech platform for other teachers in need of  practical ideas and inspiration. Our teacher authors implement technology in their classrooms, observe an impact on learning and create a practical recipe for their peers. 

A recipe is a teacher’s account of an EdTech activity that answers the five essential questions below.

1. What was the target learning outcome in this activity/lesson?

2. What EdTech tool did I use in this activity? 

3. How did I do the activity?

4. What were the advantages of using this EdTech tool over pen and paper?

5. How does the tool work?

How can you contribute?

One of the best ways of professional development for teachers is peer-learning. Teachers can help other teachers grow with real and impactful stories. If you want to help others grow too, send us your EdTech recipe using the form below so that we can publish your story here – with credit of course – and give you a shout-out on social media. You can also apply to become an author!