Grow with Tech is here to support education professionals who want to improve their technology skills to enhance learning. You can contact me to get more personalised guidance if you resonate with one of the following:

“I am a K-12 teacher and I am a beginner in educational technology. I feel lost browsing the educational apps and tools on the Internet. I do not know where to start. How can I start implementing technology in my classroom?”

“I have been teaching college-level courses and I want to upskill myself by learning how to design effective online courses. How can I do that?”

“I have no teaching experience but want to share my expertise with the world by teaching online. How can I teach online?”

“We are a small-scale organisation offering face-to-face learning services but want to move our services to digital platforms. We do not know what digital platforms and tools to use. How can we set up the entire system?”

If you would like to know more about how we can collaborate towards your success, please use the form to contact or send me an e-mail at