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Four Icebreakers for Online Teams or Learners

FOUR VIRTUAL ICE BREAKERS FOR REMOTE TEAMS OR LEARNERS WHY ICE BREAKERS? If you are leading a remote team or teaching/facilitating a remote group of learners through digital platforms, engagement becomes a real issue. You need to keep your people focused and motivated. Especially when a new team member or a learner joins the group or the whole group is already new to each other, ice breakers help…
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Padlet for Group Work

Padlet has become very popular among teachers as it allows for a variety of creative uses in the classroom. Padlet is an online bulletin board where learners can share notes with others in the form of text, images, videos or links. Julyet Koronel, owner of this EdTech…

Promoting Active Learning Using QR Codes

QR Code apps have been around for quite a while and educators use them for educational purposes as they can considerably increase learner engagement in the classroom if used well. Before we move on with how to use it in your lessons, here is a little tutorial about QR codes…

7568 EdTech Tools You Should Know(!)

If you expect to see a list of 7568 EdTech tools in this post, I am afraid I will disappoint you because I will not be sharing such a list and I will explain why.In fact, I could have done that and it would have been easy to make such a big compilation of tools and apps…