We are tasked with educating a generation whose lives are heavily influenced by digital technologies. Dynamics in education are changing because learner behaviors are also changing. Educators need some guiding principles to keep themselves on the right track when dealing with technology. Here are six principles that need to be kept in mind when teaching in the digital age:

1.Dazzling technology innovations affect every sphere of life and education is no exception. We see technology as a natural part of today’s learning contexts, rather than as an add-on. We believe that the term digital in “digital learning” will soon be redundant as with the terms like “computer-assisted learning” we used in the past.

2. The digital disruption already creates a skills gap in industries, so education professionals should do their part creating a learning environment where learners can develop 21st century digital skills while still investing in their human skills.

3. The second can only be achieved by educators’ embracing “the digital” and improving their technology skills.

4. Technologies like artificial intelligence are here to stay and improve. We believe robots will never replace humans in education but will constantly force education professionals to rethink their roles in learning. 

5. Technology use in learning is not the ultimate goal but rather a medium to achieve learning goals. Knowing your ‘why’ is more important than knowing what digital tools you use.

6. We believe in growth mindset and that individuals’ passion to grow can make a collective difference in improving the whole context.

Here is the infographic version of the 6 principles: