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Padlet for Group Work

Padlet has become very popular among teachers as it allows for a variety of creative uses in the classroom. Padlet is an online bulletin board where learners can share notes with others in the form…


Collect Immediate Feedback From Students with Live Interactive Polling Tools

The value of collecting feedback from students is two-folded. It both helps you as a teacher refine and improve your teaching and helps learners develop critical thinking skills, evaluate their own learning and act upon their reflections. We as teachers observe students and collect instant feedback in the classroom all the time, however this live interactive polling tool takes it to the next level. Here is how I used it.


Online Professional Development For Teachers

There are innumerable ways of developing yourself as a teacher in the digital world. Most importantly, the digital world empowers teachers giving them a great degree of freedom as it helps self-directed learning without having to rely on anybody else or a higher authority. In this post you will see a list of online resources, tools and techniques for your professional development.